You Wanted it. Jupiter V5.1’s Got it.

Whether you’re a veteran WordPress user or just beginning your research on which WordPress Theme will give you the most bang for your buck, there’s one demand repeatedly echoed by WP users. Simply put, more than fancy features and plugins, they want a theme provider that takes their feedback into consideration and continuously improves the functionality of the product they’re paying for. Fair enough. Well, here at Artbees, we heard you loud and clear. We went back to the drawing board and immediately started brainstorming how to take your feedback and integrate it into an even better Jupiter!

What we heard was that you wanted a lighter, faster, more adaptive, and easy-to-update website builder. So, that’s precisely what we did. Thanks to the contributions of our users, we have just released Jupiter V5.1, a WordPress theme that not only meets the above requests, but is a testament to the incessant need we have to make the user experience progressively better.

Jupiter V5 was a great update but …

Jupiter Unparalleled PerformanceWhile we were brainstorming what the fifth generation of Jupiter would look like, we realized that some features simply cannot be the end-all solution to any given problem. For example, addressing performance issues requires consistent small improvements that can take the entire lifespan of a product to come to full fruition. We realized that in order to improve our existing technology’s performance, we would need to employ newer technologies that were more efficient and reliable. With this revelation, we were flooded with ideas all aiming toward addressing all visible flaws to make Jupiter even faster!

On the other hand, we also had to keep in mind that when we had initially upgraded Jupiter to its V5 version, we had set a new strategy to make a unified environment which would allow users to interact with the product maker in a much more straightforward and approachable manner. That meant that you as our user would now receive automatic and personalized updates all in one place on the current status of your website at any given point.

We also discovered throughout our brainstorming process that any improvement to a product that has thousands of users cannot be solely based off of an abstract wish list of feature requests we extracted from our community forums. We needed real data-specific information on how people actually use Jupiter to better understand what was lacking and what could be improved.

Finally, we had to face the music so to speak. We also wanted to acknowledge our efforts to address specific complaints we received from users regarding unexpected behaviours on some specific hosting companies. Unfortunately, almost every hosting provider has its own settings and configurations meaning that memory limits, php.ini configurations, and maximum file sizes differ from one company to another. We confirmed that Jupiter was functioning well on almost all well-known hosting companies, with the exception of a few less known or even infamous hosting companies with drastically different standards.

A WordPress Theme with no baggage

Most themes take up way too much space when you upload and update them and we saw enough raised eyebrows to realize it was time to make Jupiter even more compact and space efficient for your device without compromising its performance. Jupiter V5.1 now offers a 70% lighter theme size now only taking up 3.5MB of space in your files, including updates and new installations. Frankly we’ve delighted in this inverse relationship as we’ve managed to increase the functionality and features of Jupiter while simultaneously decreasing its size.

Faster Page-Loading Speed? You got it.faster Jupiter 5.1

We know that one of the most important characteristics of your site is that it loads as quickly as possible for your visitors. This can be the defining factor that determines how many clicks and conversions you’re able to get and there’s no way we’d allow you to miss out on opportunities to connect and engage with prospective visitors. That’s exactly why we decided to give your website a framework that would prioritize and sort content depending on how you need it. In other words, even though we offer over 1800 icons, if you decide you’re only going to use a fraction of them then why would you want to receive all 800KBs of files? Well, with Jupiter V5.1 we’ve converted all of our font icons to svg icons meaning that you’ll only receive the icons you ask for and yup, you guessed it—that will only increase your page loading speed!

Feast your eyes on thisjupiter 5.1 adaptive

Although previous versions of Jupiter were partially retina ready, there were still various requirements we considered to be imperative to displaying exceptional image quality on every device. We developed several solutions with Adaptive Image Technology to ensure that all of your images will adapt to your device size and pixel density, guaranteeing increased speed for mobile devices and striking image quality.

Updates made easierjupiter 5.1 update

Keeping up with industry standards shouldn’t be a time-consuming process. With Jupiter V5.1 you’ll be able to update Jupiter just as you would for free themes and plugins, by simply going to your WordPress dashboard updates page with a simple click.

Keeping up with your expectations

To be honest, we can’t take all the credit for our advancements. In large part, we’re most grateful to you, our users, for always providing constructive feedback and sharing your experiences with our services and products. With your expertise and sector-specific experience, we’re able to translate your needs into features that hopefully make your life easier!

In order to do this, we will need your continued support in allowing us to take a deeper look into how you’re using our themes to help us better navigate our efforts to improve our products. No, we won’t be digging into your website URL and IP address, or any type of data that directly identifies you. What we’re curious to know is which WP widgets, shortcodes and post types are the most useful to you, storage versions, active WP plugins, prefered theme options, and storage versions.

Dream Ondream-on

Everything we do is always with your benefit in mind. We’re here to offer you you an intuitive website builder that combines function and design to help embody your vision.

Disclosure: This page may contain external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a comission if you choose to purchase said product. The opinions on this page are our own. We do not receive payment for positive reviews.
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