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Thanks to social media services like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and a growing number of other sites – we are more connected (or distracted) than ever. Keeping up with the latest tweets, posts, pics and status updates can be tough, especially when you are getting content from various social media sites. This is why content aggregators are more useful than ever.

Aggregating content is a simple concept. It’s basically a way to organize your target data in a convenient manner. Social Stacks is a killer plugin for curating social media content. Think of it like the ultimate social media remixing tool. This powerful social aggregator can help you collect all the relevant information for the topic or topics of your choice in WordPress. You can learn more about Social Stacks and other social media streaming plugins on the Social Stream Apps project.

The Power of Social Media Aggregation

Harness the power of the internet and give your visitors access to your own unique display. It’s a lot like using a custom search engine – weed out information you don’t want and gather everything you need. Below are some great reasons to aggregate social media content on your website.

  • It makes things easy on your visitors and increases chances that they’ll come back.
  • You will always have up to date information displayed on your site.
  • Moderate content using filters for greater control over what content is shown.
  • Pull relevant material from all over the internet – this is one of the biggest benefits of the digital revolution.
  • Crowd sourcing is a great way to collect data and come up with answers to your questions. Learn about your subscribers or any topic you gather data about.

The way things are going, it seems module based functionality is the future of the internet. Tools like Social Stacks are what networking is all about – helping us stay informed, entertained and connected all within a centralized location. Manually aggregating social media can take a lot of time, effort and money – but it’s worth it. I am very pleased with how inexpensive and easy the Social Stacks plugin made this task.

There’s a lot of aggregators out there, but not many are as simple and awesome as this one. It’s true I might be prejudiced but I must confess I like Social Stacks the best! I just got started with this plugin but I can tell I’ll be using it a lot in the future.

How Social Stacks Works

This premium WordPress plugin displays social content on your WordPress blog or website. Stream feeds from multiple networks in one slider and add it to your page as a widget or through shortcodes. You can also choose to add a social stack dynamically by linking it to a category. Display any RSS feed you’d like, such as pieces from your portfolio or your latest posts.

You can setup an unlimited number of feeds anywhere on your WordPress website. Add as many feeds from a single network, or choose from a number of different networks. For instance, add 6 feeds from Facebook accounts, a twitter #hashtag and 5 Google+ profiles. There are an endless number of ways to come up with winning combinations.

When you create a stack in the admin panel a shortcode will be generated by Social Stacks. Copy the shortcode to any post or page and it will appear on your site. There are plenty of options for styling your showcase. There is also a special widget ready mode if you want to add it to the sidebar or footer.

Social Stacks Features

In addition to some rich options for custom layouts and displays, there are some other key features that makes this plugin handy. You’ll be showcasing your stacks like a pro, even if you are only just a noob.

  • Social Sharing Buttons – noticeable buttons make it easy for people to interact
  • Filter Content – keep on top of moderation with filters to exclude posts by username, URL or word
  • Unlimited Feeds and Streams – exhaust as many combinations of feeds and streams as you wish
  • Video Support – showcase videos on your site
  • Great Documentation – the developers provide some very helpful step-by-step instructions for verification, setup and use
  • Clean & Simple Admin – the admin panel is intuitive and easy to figure out, yet powerful
  • Smart Server Caching – your stacks will load instantaneously, this plugin performs like a champThe developers at
Learn more Live Demo

Developers are adding new social networks upon request. Currently you can stream feeds from the following with Social Stacks:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Foursquare
  • Vine
  • Dribbble
  • Flickr
  • WordPress
  • Youtube
  • Vimeo
  • RSS

Social Stacks Admin Panel

The admin panel is pretty straightforward. There are 3 sections – Stacks, Settings and Authorization.

Stacks – Here you can create and edit your social stack. Play with the display, add feeds and more.Social Stacks admin panelSettings – This has some general settings for stack behavior.Social Stacks settings panel
Authorizations – From this panel you will fill in your authorization credentials so you can display feeds in the app. Read the documentation for detailed walk throughs on how to authorize for your social media sites. Social Stacks authorization

Setting Up a Stack

Now I’ll go through what it takes to set up your own social stack. It’s pretty easy. We are going to setup a basic feed with a Facebook group page. You can get a lot more involved that we are here, especially when it comes to the look of the container and display. Let’s get started, I want to display a social stack in one of the homepage sections on website I moderate. First off we will create new stack.

Click the Add Stack button in the “Stacks” PanelSocial Stacks add stack Now you will see 6 sections of options to manipulate. First is Feeds, where you’ll add the feeds from the network of your choiceSocial Stacks feedsNext is Stack general settings where you can choose some options to change the behavior of your stackSocial Stacks general feed settingsStack container settings changes the display of the containerSocial Stacks container settingsStack design is where you’ll do a lot of customization. Change the dimensions as well as the colors for the background, border, text and links here.Social Stacks design settings

Slider settings has a couple options for the slider behaviorSocial Stacks slider settings

Finally, Stack custom CSS provides you with the stack’s CSS ID and a place to add some custom CSS.Social Stacks custom CSSNow that we’ve introduced the settings options, let’s add a social feed to our stack. Choose a name and click the Add New Feed Button. A modal window will popup.Social Stacks add new feed buttonSocial Stacks modal feed window

We are going to use a Facebook feed, so make sure you are authorized to do so. Remember, check the documentation for a step-by-step guide on how to get authorized. Next, another window will popup. Follow the instructions and enter data accordingly. We want to display a public Facebook page, so all we need is the page’s nickname.Social Stacks add gentle giant feedSave your changes and that’s it! Copy the shortcode from the list of stacks and post it on your page.Social Stacks shortcodeSocial Stacks shortcode example

Final Word

This was a basic demonstration of how to setup a stack. Perhaps we will improve upon this in the near future, because there is really a lot of cool stuff you can do with Social Stacks. Use it to bring relevant social context to your site like reviews, news, testimonials, searches and more. There are tons of ways to use this plugin. It’s a fresh way to post fresh content on your site and give people the chance to interact. Showcase the right combination of social content and you’ll have people flocking to your website in no time.

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