Scrapes — Automatic Web Content Crawler and Auto Post Plugin for WordPress

Scrapes WordPress Plugin performs the task of automatically searching for relevant content and posting it to your website or blog. With this plugin, you can automatically fill your site with virtually any kind of content from different sources after a one-time configuration of the parameters.

Scrapes crawls not only for text content. You can collect tons of interesting content for your site users from the web: currency exchange information, weather forecast, sport scores, videos, music, geolocations, recipes, images, themes and plugins, mobile games and apps, affiliate products, public social profiles And much more. While doing so, you can use the built-in feature of checking the content for uniqueness, if it is necessary for the type of content you have selected.

Scrapes offers to configure various formats for searching and posting content. You can use a one-time search for thematic content or create a specific search pattern to automatically post all the content matching your criteria from different sources on the network.

The plugin offers a wide range of options for customizing the crawled content. You can use the template editor, which will distribute the content on the page in a way that you specify in the template settings. In this case, parts of one post on your WordPress site can be automatically collected from various sources on the internet.

Scrapes allows you to set the schedule for searching and posting content on your WordPress site or blog. If you maintain an info portal, you can set up a daily search and post news on certain keywords. If you have an online store for reseller or affiliate program, then you can set up an automatic update of the goods catalog from the donor’s website. Scrapes is also fully compatible with WooCommerce.

During the operation of the plugin, your site will not be overloaded with those processes that Scrapes performs automatically. You can work on creating posts manually, and at this time your site will not stop updating with Scrapes. This functionality is also very useful during your vacation, when you can not spend time on administering the WordPress site personally.


  • Designed to run without any coding. Upload, activate and autoblog, that’s all.
  • Works with minimum requirements that supported by almost every hosting provider.
  • Aims to achieve the high performance with the minimum system requirements for autoblogging.
  • Works perfectly with all platform versions from PHP 5.2.4+ and WordPress 3.5+.
  • Autoblog content from multiple sources simultaneously without any limitations.
  • Set the bot once and let it autoblog on background 7/24 to scrape for your WordPress site.
  • Scrapes content with any specific short code that defined by your WordPress themes.
  • Scrapes content with any specific custom field that defined by your WordPress plugins.
  • Shows and completes custom fields that defined by other installed tools and plugins.
  • Just inspect the gallery container to scrape high resolution images without effort.
  • Designed for fluent usage with continuous form design with best UX.
  • Access your dashboard from any device like mobile, tablet or desktop for autoblogging.
  • Designed to fit every purpose of usage, from basic to advanced.
  • Locate content that you want to scrape with visual selector tool or custom written XPath.
  • Finds and replaces or removes any text in scraped content with regex support.
  • Provides flexible text and visual formatting options for scraped contents.
  • Just click and insert any template tag that you need to your content.
  • Makes mathematical calculations with scraped numeric content if needed.
  • Download images to your own media library or load them remotely from source.
  • Autoblog content with any language character sets neatly.
  • YouTube playlist that covers all autoblogging options and features for comfy usage.
  • Well documented user guide that covers all options and features for comfy usage.
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