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LaunchParty — WordPress Templates with Full Tutorial

WordPress platform has been always focused on the beginners in the field of website creation, development and administration. That is why WordPress is built as a pretty simple and intuitive platform for creating and editing content, as well as design to underline some parts of your website or some messages within it.

Although WordPress gives you nearly unlimited options for customizing your website`s design and content, it does not possess a wide variety of templates to work with. And the creation of web design elements from scratch appears to be a difficult task for any beginner.

Fortunately, there are opportunities to work with different templates and customize them for your website`s needs. One opportunity is to download free WordPress themes and work with a few templates they offer. Another one is to buy a premium WordPress theme and enjoy much more wide choice of templates and tools within its kit. But today we are going to present you the third alternative which can become an optimal choice for your WordPress project — LaunchParty.

What Is LaunchParty About?

LaunchParty is the free-to-use project that consists of 3 main parts: educational course for the beginners in the field of website design and development, large template package and additional toolkit for nearly every purpose you could need for your WordPress project.

You need only two things to start creating with LaunchParty: WordPress website and Elementor Pro plugin. While the second part is obvious, the second one is required to work smoothly with the given templates, customize them, download and upload the results within your WordPress website.

Now let us take a closer look at all the three parts of LaunchParty project because each of them has interesting peculiarities and some more features then you could basically expect.

LaunchParty Free Educational Course

If you are actually a beginner and not yet acquainted with WordPress platform, then LaunchParty course will guide you step by step from the very beginning of website creation to some advanced features and tools which you will definitely need. This course can be started even if you do not have a WordPress website yet. The first part of the course is called “Setting up WordPress” and it will give you the most important basics of how to create your website.

The second module — “Designing your website” — will tell you how to work with fonts, colors, page blogs, headers and footers, cropping and resizing tools and so on. Moreover, you will take practical tasks to design your own logo and archive pages to apply new skills and check out the real possibilities given by WordPress and Elementor Pro page builder.

The third module is dedicated to Elementor Basics. It means you will get the most important knowledge about the features of Elementor Pro and its templates. By the end of the module you will be able to work with backgrounds, overlays, shape dividers, borders and shadows, margins and paddings, animations, mobile layouts and much more.

The fourth module teaches you to take care of email marketing which is one of the most valuable sources of traffic for your WordPress website. Within this part of education, you will gain skills for MailChimp registration, subscribers` base segmentation and opt-in form creation.

The fifth module is coming soon and will include the dedicated guide to search engine optimization for your WordPress website. There is also a Bonus module available. It shows you the opportunities of Elementor Pro widgets and introduces you to the main features of each widget you will meet inside the Elementor editor.

wordpress-course-progress-trackingAll modules are supported with step-by-step video tutorials and are focused on absolute beginners in the field of website development and design. It means you do not need any skills to start the course and successfully take part in it. You also have amazing opportunities to track your educational progress, earn badges and save any item to favorites within the interface of web courses. And it is also worth repeating, that all modules are free to use.

LaunchParty Template Package

elementor-templatesAll of the mentioned above tutorials have practical implementation with Elementor Pro template blocks. And these templates are also free to download and use within the LaunchParty project right after your registration. These templates will be your main tool while learning WordPress website`s customization options and serve as the basis for the creation of your real and live website with unique design and approach.

LaunchParty’s template package includes more than 250 unique template blocks. All templates are given in two versions: light and dark design (575 total templates). All of these templates can be easily customized and each of your color schemes can be saved and downloaded to use further on any WordPress project.

elementor-template-color-editorThere are also unique opportunities to choose design for the buttons within the templates before downloading them. Widget pre-set styles, colors and fonts options are also available to set up before downloading your template package. And of course you will be able to change all of the design settings afterwards due to all knowledge and skills which you have got from the LaunchParty educational program.

LaunchParty Toolkit

LaunchParty toolkit is the collection of useful links to products and services you would likely need to use during your website creation and further development. Here you can find every little and large tool to help you with your WordPress website from the first steps to advanced development actions.

The toolkit is conveniently divided into sections, each representing a block of important products and services by category:

  • Setting Up WordPress: hosting information, domain name choice, security and backup plugins suggestions.
  • Designing Your Website: free and paid sources of stock photos and images, backgrounds and textures for downloading, color palettes, schemes and gradients creation info, Google fonts combinations picker, free icons and logos sources.
  • Email Marketing: services for creating and sending newsletters, pop-ups and opt-ins creation, promos and giveaway actions, testing and analytics.
  • Search Engine Optimization: free and paid tools for keyword discovery and research, backlinks checking, link campaign advisors, SEO extensions for different browsers.
  • Social Media Marketing: scheduling and publishing social media posts, designing tools for custom tabs and graphics within social networks, contests and promotions` creation tools, alerts for social media mentioning, data visualization, username availability check across social networks.
  • Customer Support: help desk solutions, live chats, online appointment scheduling, custom surveys, email opens and clicks tracking, customer feedback forms, business phone lines creation and management.
  • Audio & Video: video players, USB hardware suggestions for podcasts, screencast recording tools, royalty-free music sources, voice-over talents hiring services, audio/video transcriptions and subtitles creation, HD video conferencing tips, animated explanation video creation.
  • Digital Products: tools` suggestion for digital products and online courses sales via a website.
  • Usability & Conversions: speed and usability testing, cache plugins suggestions, quick website audit tools, crossbrowser compatibility tests, users` mouse movement and clicks recording, heatmaps and click tracking, website`s uptime monitoring.
  • Productivity: particular websites and social networks` blocking services, personal task management tools, team task management and to-do lists, secure password management, productivity monitoring, music suggestions to keep focused and productive, freelance hiring services, coaching services, web applications integration and automation.


LaunchParty is one of the best opportunities to start your WordPress project from scratch without any web development or design skills. Full website creation guide and lots of additional tips to its development will allow you to build a unique project in a matter of a few days.

The additional advantage of LaunchParty is the large collection of templates which you can use free of charge within your WordPress project or as an inspiration source for creating your unique web design elements in a visual editor. Grab this awesome opportunity right now!

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